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Always Take a Macro View

How to Ensure Business Deal Success Whether you’re selling your business, signing-up for a project, or finalising any other deal, the first step is to get a good overview of the deal in your own mind. Always remember basic concepts and keep reverting to a macro view of your overall strategy so you can maintain your bearings. There is … [Read More...]

Interpretation Boilerplate

How to Understand a Legal Contract Boilerplate sections of a document are often highly underrated. They are the ‘lawyer’s stuff’ at the front of the document that often gets scant attention. That is unfortunate as when a problem arises, the answer is often found within these sections: Was the deal GST inclusive or exclusive? What about prior … [Read More...]

Deed of Release

The Deed of Release is one of the most adaptable documents in any legal tool box. It usually is a brief, but carefully targeted, document used to either bring a dispute to an end or to prevent one from ever arising. Such a document could be used to evidence the settlement ‘deal’ between the parties. If you are presented with a Deed of … [Read More...]

Deed of Release / Deed of Settlement

What’s in a name? Not a lot in this case. A Deed of Release and a Deed of Settlement are essentially the same document with just a different title. One title may be preferred over another, depending on the author’s perspective and whether a release from an obligation is being sought or whether a settlement is being finalized. Some even cover … [Read More...]