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Deed of Confidentiality

As stated in Terminology Made Simple, documents that protect confidentiality are referred to by a number of names, but they are essentially the same document:  Deed of Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure Deed or Confidentiality Agreement . We have a free Deed of Confidentiality that you can access here. It is prudent to execute the document as a … [Read More...]

Deed of Release

The Deed of Release is one of the most adaptable documents in any legal tool box. It usually is a brief, but carefully targeted, document used to either bring a dispute to an end or to prevent one from ever arising. Such a document could be used to evidence the settlement ‘deal’ between the parties. If you are presented with a Deed of … [Read More...]

Terminology Made Simple

Tips on Understanding Business Terms Here are a few tips that may help to demystify legal jargon and enable you to use business terminology more accurately. Joint Venture / Partnership / Alliance The terms joint venture and partnership have very serious legal implications. Unless you mean to use them in their true context, avoid the use of … [Read More...]

Anatomy Basics

How to Understand Legal Documents Describing the anatomy of legal documents is an inherently difficult task that is fraught with complexity and exceptions. What is true for some documents may be incorrect or inapplicable for others. The law that applies in various jurisdictions will also be a factor influencing diversity. My comments are … [Read More...]