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13 Apr

New Drone Regulations

IMPORTANT CHANGES TO CASA’s REGULATION OF COMMERCIAL DRONE FLIGHTS After over two years of consultation, the Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment (Part 101) Regulation 2016 has been introduced to amend Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Act 1988. The changes will take effect from 29 September 2016. The long-awaited amendments will relax the rules surrounding the commercial use of drones, cutting a considerable amount of red tape and introducing a new notification requirement. The changes should see an...

17 Nov

Can I be fined for flying my drone?

Drone Regulations in Australia You certainly can be fined for flying your drone. If you don’t follow the applicable aviation rules when flying your drone, you can expect to get booked by the air police a.k.a CASA. In late 2014, an Altona North (Victoria) man found this out first hand. The man crashed his drone into a powerline whilst allegedly attempting to capture footage of a nine-hour siege involving police and a man who had locked himself...

17 Nov

Australian Drone Laws

What you need to know to fly a drone in Australia Australian drone laws are currently similar to the regulatory approach being adopted in the UK and other countries. However, it is already clear that Australia’s current laws governing drones are inadequate. Our laws don’t sufficiently cover emerging legal issues such as privacy and negligence. The surge of new drone-related businesses and drone hobbyists demands the development of sufficient rules to promote safe drone use and...

16 Nov

Drones and Privacy

Privacy Concerns About Drones Attach a camera to a drone, and it becomes a second set of eyes allowing you to view the world from new heights. Whether you’re performing aerial photography, or you’re making cool movies with a GoPro mounted drone, a vast amount of data can be be collected. And there are laws about data collection. Who makes rules on drones and privacy? The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) does not make rules or laws about...