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Cost Effective Service

Cost Effective Service - Adroit Lawyers

27 Jan Cost Effective Service

cost-effective serviceStructural Change

The Global Financial Crisis has taught us all a lot about the perils that befall an industry if it ceases to faithfully adhere to balanced professional standards and practices.

Back in 2008, the then-Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, spoke of “extreme capitalism” and stated that “we’ve seen the triumph of greed over integrity; the triumph of speculation over value creation; the triumph of the short term over long-term sustainable growth”.

Sadly, the legal profession also has cause to pause and consider its direction and structure.

Client Satisfaction

Retired American judge, Justice Macklin Fleming, in his book Lawyers, Money, and Success – The Consequences of Dollar Obsession, argues that the American legal profession’s quest for money caused the profession to lose sight of its true tasks and responsibilities. This has resulted in dissatisfied clients, public mistrust and seriously unhappy lawyers.

Job Satisfaction

Australian lawyers may be faring no better. Radio National’s Law Report recently stated that “surveys of professionals in both the USA and Australia put lawyers at the top of the list when it comes to the incidence of depression”. One study, by Beyond Blue and Beaton Consulting, found that 15% of the lawyers surveyed suffer moderate to severe depression. Other studies found the rate to be much higher.

Our Commitment

Adroit Lawyers are Sydney lawyers who have taken these lessons to heart. We aim to provide cost-effective service in a manner that increase client happiness and our own job satisfaction – an approach that makes a lot of sense to us.

Photo by  Alan Cleaver