Deed of Release Review – Get a Good Deal

deeedWe can review your Deed of Release or Deed of Settlement and give you peace of mind that you are fully protected.

Signing a Deed of Release is a big move.

You are probably about to accept payment in exchange for giving away certain rights.

A Deed of Release is usually designed to exclude any further legal action. It is the final settlement and brings all negotiations to an end.

It also often includes a provision that bars you from taking any further legal action.

Make sure you get it right. Once you put pen to paper you can’t revisit the deal. The deal is done and the transaction or settlement is completed.

Adroit Lawyers can examine the document for you and advise you on its contents. You can also engage us to negotiate amendments on your behalf.

Let us take the strain out of what is probably already a difficult situation.

We charge a flat rate for initial review and advice. Our standard charges will apply for negotiation of any amendments.

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About Mark Toohey

Mark Toohey is an experienced commercial lawyer who has worked with both major law firms and as a general counsel in the media, telecommunications, software and IT industries. He has been a lawyer, company director, online marketing executive, company secretary and entrepreneur. Mark's commercial experience extends way beyond the theoretical. He has helped launch a number of start-up businesses and his hands on experience was gained from negotiating and documenting deals for a wide variety of business initiatives.