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How We Do It

25 Jan How We Do It

Adroit LawyersSave on Legal Fees

Experience the benefits of top-level corporate advice when you need it and in the way you need it.

Most large companies have the competitive advantage of being able to engage a team of full-time in-house lawyers who understand its business operations and its legal requirements.

The ready availability of that knowledge and advice can provide a significant strategic advantage when devising business development strategies or seizing growth opportunities. Importantly, it can also help pitfalls be detected and avoided.

Sydney Lawyers

Adroit Lawyers offer flexible engagement structures and your business can now have a virtual General Counsel – a lawyer dedicated to helping your business grow.

You can now have all the advantages of having an in-house Sydney lawyer on your team with the cost benefits of it being a flexible engagement. We offer value-for-money hourly and retainer rates and great savings on ‘day rates’ for longer engagements.

There is another element to this service which is the real ‘value-add’. Many law firms can offer great legal advice and they are well versed in the legal requirements for establishing and operating a business.

We offer an added element – commercial experience where that legal knowledge has been honed by operational reality. It doesn’t change the law, but it does influence the emphasis applied to certain elements.

The strategic application of legal guidelines rather than a broad bush approach would be another way of stating it.

Some executives criticise lawyers for being ‘speed humps’ who overly-complicate deals and get in the way. Such criticism is often not fair as the lawyer is riding shotgun on the deal and protecting them from dangers they may not fully grasp.

There is a lesson in there as well though.

Some dangers may ‘never happen’ and while they need to be taken into consideration and addressed from a risk minimisation perspective, the real emphasis should be on the terms that are the heart and soul of the deal. Getting them right and making them ‘bullet proof’ is what really matters.

Photo by Rodrigo Moraes