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Our References

The best evidence of results are the recommendations others have kindly provided.

Johan Lembre

CEO of Pacom.

Johan originally oversaw the global operations from Australia and then from Sweden.

I have worked with Adroit Lawyers over for the past five years and during this time I have been impressed by Mark Toohey’s ability to quickly understand the commercial background to an agreement and adopt the scope accordingly.
Mark’s ability to protect his client while still finding contract provisions that are acceptable to the other party to the contract saved us time and costs.
Over the years Adroit Lawyers has showed that they have a very solid understanding for technology business and the surrounding legal framework. This has been a great asset to us.
I can strongly recommend the services of Adroit Lawyers.

Magnus Jonsson 

CEO of Pacom

Magnus was promoted to a senior executive position with the parent company, Niscayah,  in Sweden.

I’d like to recommend Adroit Lawyers to anyone who wants to work with a law firm with high level integrity and honesty. In many years in international businesses, I have come across numerous law firms with one main thing in common: an ability to deliver invoices far beyond and above your worst expectations. With Mark Toohey at Adroit Lawyers, I found the opposite – he looked at the problem or need from our side and always suggested the best approach – even if it meant lower fees for him. That builds a long-term relationship and earns the trust of clients. Mark has helped us with trademark questions, reseller agreements and professional services contracts and we are very satisfied with the services provided.

Kathy Kenyon 

Kathy is a former colleague who also worked alongside me on some projects that created major changes to the employment structures within the Australian television industry. One project involved drafting and settling over 1,000 employment contracts in just a few weeks. Given all the other things that had to be organised and addressed in the same period, the contracts were possibly one of the easier parts of the project.

Mark is a superb general counsel. A tenacious individual with a clear passion for law. Unswervingly committed to the job at hand, with the ability to delve into complex details whilst retaining a cool overall perspective.

Wenee Yap

Wenee is a commercial law lecturer, digital marketing expert, and co-founder of the Catmosphere Cafe. Adroit Lawyers recently conducted a Shareholder Workshop that identified the key issues the shareholders wanted to address as they established their new business venture. The outcome of the workshop discussions were then laid down in a Shareholder Agreement.

Adroit Lawyers is truly without peer as a law firm. Commercially savvy, Adroit Lawyers has a talent for finding the best possible solution that a business really needs - and identifying likely sources of conflict or weakness in legal arrangements and business relationships. We were constantly impressed by how willing Adroit Lawyers were to go well beyond the letter of the contract. I've dealt with a number of lawyers. The real difference? Adroit Lawyers knows business - and they genuinely care about doing a good job for yours. Whether you're a promising startup or an established practice, Adroit Lawyers delivers expert business advice - they are invaluable 'consiglieres' to every stage of your business.

Geoff Sparke 

Geoff was the man on the other side of the table in a major deal where he was representing Nine Network in organising the network’s broadcast centre and its engineering requirements for coverage of the M2006 Commonwealth Games. He speaks candidly about how tough the negotiations were and yet we walked away with considerable mutual respect for each other.

Mark was across the table in a drawn out negotiation where he represented the vendor supplying facilities to the Nine Network coverage of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006. The deal involved punitive service levels and Mark represented Global Television well ensuring that the arrangement was balanced. Both parties were satisfied with the contract and were well aware of each other’s obligations. Mark’s patience and tenacity helped resolve outstanding issues, which then brought about a speedy result.

Belinda Kerr 

Belinda recently sold a controlling interest in her human resources company, ICUR Pty Limited. She, quite rightly, took a lot of pride in the company she’d established and built to such success. Selling such an important part of her life was an important decision and she needed to be fully rewarded. The purchaser is well-established in the HR industry in Britain and they intend to use the company as a beachhead for their operations in our region.

I recently engaged the legal services of Mark Toohey to manage the sale contracts of a business I started in 2001. Mark always had my best interests at heart and threw himself wholeheartedly into the deal to push for the best outcome. He was always available to take my calls and answer my 101 questions. As I was a novice in selling a business, he ensured I was kept completely informed during the sale process. I knew nothing about the sale of a business when we met, now I know just a little bit and in hindsight I couldn’t have wished for a smoother process. He is personable, clearly very knowledgeable in his craft but more importantly a genuine professional committed to the best outcomes for his clients.