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29 Jan What We Do

What We Deliver - Adroit Lawyers

We Deliver

Big Business Advantages to Small Business

The Australian legal profession in broad terms is comprised of lawyers who are either barristers (who mainly do court work) or solicitors (who do more general matters).

The larger law firms have grown exponentially in recent decades and many of those firms now have hundreds of employed solicitors. The scale of their operations (and the resultant overheads) may be one reason legal fees have steadily risen in recent times.

In response to the rising cost of briefing external solicitors, many larger companies have formed internal legal departments headed by a General Counsel who is supported by a team of lawyers bearing the ‘Legal Counsel’ title.

Some companies consider it advantageous to have an in-house legal team who are more intimately aligned with the company and its commercial objectives. The belief is that this leads to a deeper understanding of the company’s commercial imperatives and deal-making goals.

Sydney Lawyers

Adroit Lawyers believe a significant gap exists in Australia for legal services provided by commercial lawyers with in-house experience at the senior level of General Counsel.

It is particularly valuable if that experienced advice is combined with the engagement flexibility of an external law firm. You only engage the legal services when you actually need them and thus avoid salary costs and all related employment obligations.

It is a useful commercial opportunity for Australian business as there is a corporate stratum which finds it difficult to afford the high legal fees of external firms. Yet, those companies also don’t have a sufficient volume of legal work to justify hiring an in-house lawyer.

Adroit Lawyers, now offers something that is fairly unique among Sydney lawyers. The opportunity to have an external lawyer with deep knowledge of your company may be a viable solution that helps cash-strapped companies avoid the fixed cost of hiring an internal lawyer.

It Works

Our Virtual General Counsel service is a significant development that will enable your company to enjoy the benefits of extensive in-house legal experience on a more affordable and flexible basis.

Our clients have experienced the benefits and you can read our client’s recommendations. It is encouraging that our innovative Virtual General Counsel service has also been recognized as a promising new business model and has received credible industry recognition – not an insignificant achievement for a relatively small law firm.

Here is how it works.


Photo by Jordi Armengol