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Who We Are

thrill-ride-18-by-gaetan-leeAdroit Lawyers

Business Lawyers Who ‘Get’ Technology


Commercialisation Adroit lawyers are Sydney lawyers with  a growing list of Australian and international clients.


The greatest strengths of our law firm are in the field of corporate and commercial law. Particularly in the manufacturing, IT, media and services sectors.


While we are a boutique firm of Sydney lawyers, our clients range from startups and SMEs to public companies and they come from various industry sectors.Our commercial experience extends way beyond the theoretical. We have ‘hands on’ experience gained from negotiating and documenting deals for a wide variety of business initiatives.


The range of commercial contracts we’ve worked on is broad and it includes deals for the coverage of major national sports and international events (as well as production contracts for numerous top-rating TV shows). Working on these deals gave us practical experience on the gamut of issues that confront any growing  company.


We have also helped launch a number of start-up businesses and we find the entrepreneurial dynamism to be exhilarating – despite launches usually being a long hard slog. Perhaps, its the lure of chasing a dream and building something great out of humble beginnings.


Of course, many of our clients come from other industry sectors. The core principles and functions of running any commercial venture is similar and we’re well versed in what it takes to keep the wheels of commerce well oiled.


Hopefully, you’ll find our services a good blend of legal knowledge mixed with ‘been there – done that’ commercial reality. Throughout this website we’ve thrown in some insights on how a deal is done and how a business can be built.


Frankly, none of that is a replacement for good business structure, strategy and implementation. And there is certainly no substitute for adequate capital, operational skill or good old business nous.


We hope this information provides the extra boost that ensures your business crosses the chasm and lands in success.



Photo by Gaetan Lee